Silent Tears

You hold me right all night

You push me farther away

Nothing is the same

If it rains, the rainbow hides

The stars hate the moon’s glow

When the one you love leaves

Silent tears roll down your face

You try to fill the void but fail

Silent tears hold your fake smile

Nothing remains the same after

Your heart gets broken.


That Kiss

Have you been kissed

A kiss you didn’t want

A kiss you were afraid would go wrong

He was that kiss

His lips played with my mind

They kept saying I see you as a friend and I’m trying so hard not to hurt you

It was too late to protect me

I had fallen in love with you but that kiss was my only excuse

Your lips were there on mine for some seconds but I swear I still feel the softness after years.

You’ll never understand why I love you this much

I’d give anything to be with you but tonight I’ll hug myself tight and remember how you let me lick your fingers and play with your hair when we kiss…

You’re my one true kiss….

You know who you are!


You’ll never have another me

We’ll never get over these memories

Our bodies entwined in passion

Heated up beyond the sun’s glory

You know just where to touch me

I know just how much you can take

We’ll never totally let go

Because our bond is unbreakable

My body will always yearn for you

My lips are yours to kiss

My fears are building

Come over tonight and by morning

It will all be history again….

I Still Want You

I had loved you even before I knew it

I had given my heart to you foolishly

I had the pleasure but pain took it

I had your name on my lips

Then you left me

Thoughts of a future together gone

Thick fog and misty cold nights

Thinking of you did hurt deeply

Some memories don’t change us

Some love stories are built in pain

Some kisses are to be unkissed

Some of us weren’t built for love

With all these memories of torments

With all the tears

With all you’ve put me through

With all my never agains

I still want you because I do love you…

Written by Ifeoma

Our Likkle Secret

Unlace your boots gently

But keep your eyes on me

While I touch myself.

Unhook my bra seductively

And caress my aroused nipples

While I unbutton your jeans.

Cuff my wrists to the pole

Suck my nipples till they hurt

While you crazy fuck me till I crash.

Watch me shiver as I climax

As you thrust deeper and harder

Till you cum all over me.

Our Likkle Secret is safe with me..

Written by


Twitter: @confessor82

Kinky Fridays

Don’t argue when people tell you about their escapades. It is not your story but theirs, they tell you what they want to but it’s your duty to make it what you want it. Like every other kinky Friday evening before official closedown of work, some silly joke was being discussed. It wasn’t that serious until Ebere (Madam I know it all) joined. You know these dirty jokes colleagues throw around innocently about kinky fuckery and how long and how much one can bear. That is not the problem but the people that get wet when such jokes are shared amazes me (I amaze myself).
Sammy, the office legend, he is the sharpest shooter. He goes for anyone and anything. No strings attached he announces before the fuckery. I no dey fine love slogan is his anthem. It was all fun until matter entered size of dick and the best head. My own is to laugh and shout like cow. I don’t compete or kiss and tell. Even if I know I’ve helped like three girls in the HR department. Sammy began the joke innocently. He wanted us to know he could give good head and pkansh for long. Ladies were busy arguing that 2hrs is not doable while the men were saying it was too small.

Without shame Ebere began her story. The night she almost killed her landlord. He was a man in his early 40s. we all remember seeing Ebere run into the ladies quite frequently last month. She obviously was going to touch herself on whatsapp video call according to her. Her story was thus;

One Sunday morning, as I was trying to figure what to do with all the plenty time I had, I sha walked towards my balcony with my skimpy nightwear to see what the world looked like that morning. My young landlord, the tall, sexy, rich guy with little or no time to waste with his tenants was sitting outside his flat’s balcony reading a newspaper. I honestly wanted to rush back into my flat before somebody wee say me I want to snatch man but something between my thighs kept me at the balcony. I smiled and waved him good morning, he smiled and waved back. I stayed for about 30minutes. It was not until I walked into the bathroom that it dawned on me that my nipples were on display the whole time. I brushed, had a quick shower, dressed and drove out. That evening, my landlord was leaning on his balcony when I drove in. He asked how my day had been, he said he wanted to discuss something and I invited him over. Mind you, it was just 7:30PM. He came over, showed me some papers brought to him by the vigilante group and other community levies. We spoke on how to share the money equally between himself and us (his 6 tenants). As he stood to leave, I offered him a drink. It is his first time in my flat. I’ve heard he likes Brandy, I offered him some and took some. The gist was neutral until he asked if I had a man. How can you ask that when you see me always alone? The men don’t stay, I answered honestly. He began with maybe it was the job, house and car. Then I jokingly said it was the sex.  Oga took it serious. He was shocked. He described my shape and added how erect my nipples were that Sunday morning.

With all these revelations came the hard on I could spot in his pant. When you are horny don’t play with the green light. Always capitalize on the opportunity they say. I smiled and asked him if he ever thought someone like me could be good in bed and he said he could teach me. I moved with the speed of lightening from my couch to his. He didn’t flinch. He just smiled. I kissed him and he kissed me back. The taste of brandy on brandy was killing my senses. His tongue was warm and I forgot to mention he was really tall about 7ft. His length could cover my 5’10 without stress. The whole thought of a good fuck made me so wet. He pulled me in closer, kissed my neck and cupped my breast. My ever present nipples were already begging to be squeezed harder. One after the other, he unbuttoned my satin blue shirt to reveal my lacy bra. He placed his warm tongue on my right nipple and suckled for some seconds before placing it on the left. Chai!!! Some men are gifted. His hands cupped and squeezed everything they could find. He placed my little frame on his thighs facing him. He spread my thighs on both sides of his. His left hand squeezing my left nipples while his right hand went right to my core. I bet the water fall he found pleased him because he closed his eyes and moaned. That rich deep baritone sent waves down my spine. 

If I could, I would have asked him not to stop. The excitement was building up to those fuck me moments and he was okay with it. I pulled away and knelt between his thighs. I unzipped his pant, brought out his dick and gave him that kinda head that gives men the burst. His waist was telling me all the answers. Slippery tongue playing with his tip makes him shiver. The whole length in my mouth makes him moan like a beast. I wanted this sexy beast to devour me and I wanted it to be a memory for us not just me. I stroked him with enough saliva then I saddled him like the hungry sexy madam and gave him the ride of his life. I let his whole length go inside through all the wetness then I let him thrust as deep and fast as he wanted. I’d tease him with my nipples and bite his lips. Kiss his neck and tell him to fuck me good. Sexy landlord lost control and was moaning and screaming like I put ice cream in his month o! We fucked everywhere in my parlour and finally finished work on the couch where we started. He placed me on all fours and rammed me from behind like he was really trying to get all the wetness he could. The rhythm went from very fast to really slow then to deep and shallow thrust before my walls tightened around his dick as I crashed on the couch. He let himself out and spilled all over my spine. Nothing was said as we drank more brandy to celebrate a good fuck. From time to time he would call and I would run into the ladies to offer solace to him. Mans was missing the pussy just as I was missing his thrust. 

By the time Ebere finished this story that Friday evening, I was tongue tied, hard as hell and I could swear my other male colleagues were all thrown off balance because everywhere was just quiet. They all had to clear their throats that had dried from all the details. One thing was certain, we were all going to try some kinky fuckery that weekend.

Written by Maryann… 

Twitter: @confessor82