He lit his cigarette and smiled
Puffed the smoke freely and walked away
Yet, I hide when I light a cigarette
For I’d be judged by society as usual
Everyone who walks by calls me names
When they meet at the bar at night
Their table is covered with empty bottles
They continue to order without shame
But when I sit at a bar to have a bottle
They whisper, saying I came for flings
Some even call me a helpless alcoholic
Everything they do is praised and retweeted
They are popular, celebrated and loved by many
I crave all that they are but I’m never invited
This social pain has become my deepest pain
I desire the attention they take for granted
Even if they are sad inside and hide it so perfectly
I just want to be them so bad, to feel wanted and seen.

Written by Ifeoma


Amazing how time has changed and people are forming WOKE on every street. Some want to force their views down your throat and when you disagree, they write an epistle of your view and how much of a hypocrite you are for not agreeing with their views. Has any parent sat down to wonder why children no longer ask how babies are made or why is your tummy so big mummy? Truth is, they now know the answers to these questions. There’s that friend in school who knows all the answers and has been kind enough to educate other children freely.

There’s a chain reaction hitting earth, this chain reaction starts from every little community, every household, every gathering to places you do not even know exist. At least ten children from the slum have had one to four adults touch them inappropriately. Some spoke up but no one believed them or did anything about it. This number will seem so little until these children visit family and friends outside their hood and transfer knowledge and experiences incurred from their molesters. Remember that you would trust these children to be doing nothing harmful when they play together during this visit.

Parents who live in low budget communities leave the house in care of their children when they go to the market or other errands that require they leave the children at home. These children open the door to other children from other compounds. This is the foundation of ‘Papa and Mama Play’. During such plays, these children take up the roles of husband, wife and children. As usual, children with early puberty signs become the husband and wife while the children who are yet to understand their body and how it works are the children. Today adults who took part in these plays back then know the rest.

The children from rich communities seldom visit the slum but whenever children from the slum go for holiday in rich communities, they don’t fail to transfer their experience disguised as Papa and Mama Play. Some rich children are touched by their maids, drivers, cooks, uncles, cousins, nephews and more while the children from low budget areas are mostly molested by randy adults from the hood, age mates, school mates, teachers, relatives and more. Both parties have been abused but their parents don’t even know it. Some spoke up but nothing was done while some still have dragging court cases.

Dear Society, a lot of adults are living with these memories from their childhood. Some healed over time while others haven’t. It would be unfair to every child out there if we continue to pretend to be too busy to listen to the pains they’ve had to bear from people they trusted to protect them. As children we owe it to them to really stress what bad touch and good touch is and who they can run to in their circle of trust. It’s an epidemic and we all have to do our part in teaching children right from wrong and the confidence to speak up against those who threaten them to keep these pains secret.

Thank you for reading to the end. Kindly share this with others.

Intellectual Property of MARYANN OTUNYO***


Why do I breathe the same air as you
Why do I deserve happiness as you
Why do I want to succeed as you
Why do I crave it all when with you

Oh! My Heart!!

Why do you write such sad poems
Why do you forget you are brave
Why do you let others use you
Why do you drown aimlessly Within

Oh! My Soul!!

It is the fireball heading for the rose
It is sunset and it can’t dance nor sing
It is not the thorns that hurt so bad
It is me watching it withering away.

Written By: Ifeoma

Silent Tears

You hold me right all night

You push me farther away

Nothing is the same

If it rains, the rainbow hides

The stars hate the moon’s glow

When the one you love leaves

Silent tears roll down your face

You try to fill the void but fail

Silent tears hold your fake smile

Nothing remains the same after

Your heart gets broken.


That Kiss

Have you been kissed

A kiss you didn’t want

A kiss you were afraid would go wrong

He was that kiss

His lips played with my mind

They kept saying I see you as a friend and I’m trying so hard not to hurt you

It was too late to protect me

I had fallen in love with you but that kiss was my only excuse

Your lips were there on mine for some seconds but I swear I still feel the softness after years.

You’ll never understand why I love you this much

I’d give anything to be with you but tonight I’ll hug myself tight and remember how you let me lick your fingers and play with your hair when we kiss…

You’re my one true kiss….

You know who you are!


You’ll never have another me

We’ll never get over these memories

Our bodies entwined in passion

Heated up beyond the sun’s glory

You know just where to touch me

I know just how much you can take

We’ll never totally let go

Because our bond is unbreakable

My body will always yearn for you

My lips are yours to kiss

My fears are building

Come over tonight and by morning

It will all be history again….

I Still Want You

I had loved you even before I knew it

I had given my heart to you foolishly

I had the pleasure but pain took it

I had your name on my lips

Then you left me

Thoughts of a future together gone

Thick fog and misty cold nights

Thinking of you did hurt deeply

Some memories don’t change us

Some love stories are built in pain

Some kisses are to be unkissed

Some of us weren’t built for love

With all these memories of torments

With all the tears

With all you’ve put me through

With all my never agains

I still want you because I do love you…

Written by Ifeoma

Our Likkle Secret

Unlace your boots gently

But keep your eyes on me

While I touch myself.

Unhook my bra seductively

And caress my aroused nipples

While I unbutton your jeans.

Cuff my wrists to the pole

Suck my nipples till they hurt

While you crazy fuck me till I crash.

Watch me shiver as I climax

As you thrust deeper and harder

Till you cum all over me.

Our Likkle Secret is safe with me..

Written by


Twitter: @confessor82